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It is typical to get people that only need a lodge for a night but want the best lodging available. It is common for us to get calls from offshore trips and sometimes other inshore trips where they only use us for the accommodations. One cabin works extremely well for an offshore type of booking because of our set up. We have one of the few places that truly offer you everything you need while you're in town. Will utilize three bedrooms ( 7 beds total, all full size extra long beds) and three bathrooms, a full kitchen ( actually usable kitchenware etc unlike MOST places )  , a washer - dryer , big screen TV with two full sofas, and also the option to have all your meals, snacks, and drinks provided for you as well.

Our rates for lodging are $100 per head per night and meals are an additional $100 per person if you would like to add them in. This includes dinner the night you arrive, breakfast and lunch on your fishing day. 

NOTE: in the event your offshore trip cancels do to weather you need to do everything possible or request us to do everything possible to get you an inshore trip booked in its place. If the weather is just too bad to even do inshore you won't lose your deposit as I won't force you to come here if everything is that screwed up! High winds that shut down offshore trips but not inshore trips are not an excuse for me to lose out !!

I lose the opportunity to book more inshore boats whenever I book a cabin for offshore groups so I try to be fair to both of us.

A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking with the Balance due 30 days prior to the scheduled date booked.