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It took me years to find the perfect place to build on. Although Katrina took everything away from us one year later, I am proud to say we are back up and better than ever! Fish Intimidator Lodges have 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, washer/dryer, large front porch, and wireless internet per unit. The bedrooms have extra long double beds, basically almost the same as a queen. Each bedroom has its own AC/heater so you can adjust your own comfort level. Each bedroom has its own bathroom. The bathrooms all have nice big showers and plenty of hot water, 100 gallons per cabin to be exact. The living room has 2 full sofas and a large screen tv with satellite and dvd. The kitchen has all the comforts of home and uses all top of the line GE profile appliances. Each cabin has a washer and dryer.

Needless to say, my customers love them and rank them as the best fishing lodge they have ever stayed at. I will just tell you they are very comfortable and very clean. We strive to keep everything here in top notch shape and are always improving the grounds with constant upgrades.
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Usually everyone's favorite part of the day is comparing fish at the cleaning tables. I realized this and decided to build the most expensive and well laid out pavilion in the business. It sports a granite counter top bar, slate floor, surround sound, big screen tv, full bathroom, custom made fishing cleaning tables and an ice machine. From here you can see the lake and it's common to watch ducks, marsh birds, wild hogs, etc while enjoying a drink or two.
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Other things to see from the lodges are the Cruise Ships!